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At Cutters Yard, your Southwark Barbers we are focused on delivering you a great barber shop service, from the way you’re greeted to your comfort while in the seat and most importantly an awesome haircut! Our barbers are highly skilled and experienced, feel free to suggest what style you’d like or ask our barbers for inspiration to freshen up your look.

We want you to relax at Cutters Yard, our lives are stressful enough without having to worry about your barber getting your new trim right. As we get to know you, you won’t even need to ask, we’ll remember how to cut & style your hair just how you like it.

We also offer men’s grooming services, delicious coffee by Monmouth and our range of Aveda Men’s Products.

Check out our range of barbering services from a shampoo & cut to an all over clipper cut and our hairline trim & tidy for when your hair just needs sharpening up. Click the link and Book Your Appointment Now.

Shampoo & Cut


Our most popular service starts with an expert consultation by one of our Aveda Men Hair Professionals to understand your needs. Your desired style is achieved using a combination of scissor and clipper-cut techniques, followed by an Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Shampoo Ritual – including an invigorating scalp massage; finishing off with bespoke Aveda Men styling.

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One Grade Clipper Cut
Southwark Barbers - two barbers and customers in barbers chair getting haircut


Our most straightforward, no-frills cut, this traditional service is a simple, stylish look which will have you looking clean and sharp. Let your Aveda Men Hair Professional know if this is your first time getting a One Grade Clipper Cut with us.

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Shampoo & Style


Fix up and look sharp with this invigorating styling treatment. There are no scissors or clippers needed for this service as we wash your hair; treating you with intricate styling from our Aveda Men Hair professionals.

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Young Man’s Haircut
Southwark Barbers - Barbers Chair


The title says it all, a Shampoo & Cut service for the most stylish young men aged up to 14.

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Hairline Trim & Tidy


Keep it neat and pop in for a quick tidy up; including neckline and facial hair. Begin with an Aveda Men pure-formance composition Hot Towel Ritual – ensuring you leave feeling as refreshed as you look.

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Grey Blending


Our Aveda Men five-minute grey blending service is a 95% naturally** derived formula that leaves your hair looking fresh and healthy. The blend complements your hair’s natural appearance without leaving obvious traces of lines, leaving you with a low maintenance, stylish look.

**from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water

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Skin Fade, Restyle & Beard Pefection


All round grooming package, come out looking a new man with our restyle skin fade and beard perfection service.

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Skin Fade, Restyle & Cut-throat Shave


All round grooming package, come out looking a new man with our restyle skin fade and cut-throat shave service.

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Clipper Cut & Beard Perfection
Southwark Barbers - two barbers and customers in barbers chair getting haircut


A fortified look that’s guaranteed to turn heads, this style is perfect for those that are after something edgy yet classic. Starting with our traditional All Over Clipper Cut and followed by our invigorating Beard Perfection, this combination will get you that fresh, dapper appearance.

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Clipper Cut & Cut-Throat Shave


If you prefer something edgy yet sleek, then this All Over Clipper with Cut Throat Shave package is definitely for you. This stylish look is perfect for a modern gentleman who’s after something cool and collected.

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