Traditional Men’s Grooming

Grooming is increasingly common among men of all ages, we provide a range of services to keep you feeling fresh and looking your best. You can book an appointment at our men’s grooming salon in conjunction with our cuts & styling.

Afterwards, you can purchase from our range of Aveda Men’s Products to look your best every day of the week.

Deluxe Clinique & Lab Series Facial
Deluxe Clinique & Lab Series Facial; a barber performing a facial to a client


An exclusive collaboration with Lab Series & Clinique For Men – formulated especially for Aveda Men Cutters Yard. Our treatment is tailored to your skin type, targeting your needs. Sip on the therapeutic feel-good and look-good factor of this unique experience.

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Express Facial
Refreshing Express Facial SE1; a barber performing an express facial to a client


A quick, invigorating service with a blast of beautiful, revitalising energy that grants you a brighter, smoother and more balanced complexion; feeling refreshed and instantaneously more confident after this bespoke facial treatment.

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Grey Blending
Grey Blending SE1; a barber performing grey blending to a client


Our grey blending service is derived from a 95% naturally** formula that leaves your hair looking fresh and healthy. The blend complements your hair’s natural appearance without leaving obvious traces of lines, leaving you with a low maintenance, stylish look.

**from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water

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Detoxifying Scalp Cleanse with Hot Towel Ritual
Detoxifying Scalp Cleanse with Hot Towel Ritual; a barber performing a detoxifying scalp cleanse to a client


This unique add-on service is perfect for cleansing the scalp and bringing it back to radiant health – removing any product and sebum build-up that can potentially clog the pores, causing dryness, flakiness and itchiness.

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From beard trimming perfection to cut-throat shaves, we have you covered when it comes to male grooming. We also offers men’s treatments such as our hot towel ritual, refreshing facials and scalp cleanse service.

Cutters Yard’s relaxing environment helps you to chill out and get maximum enjoyment from your chosen treatments. This is a traditional men’s grooming salon like no other.