Hair Care Tips for Men

24th February 2020

The barbers of Cutters Yard have shared some of their top hair care tips for men to keep your hair looking fresh between cuts.

Before we get into the thick of hair maintenance, however, we want to note the importance of locking down a regular haircut routine. Our barbers recommend that you book yourself in for a haircut every 4-6 weeks. This will set you up for healthy hair in between cuts and make these tips so much more effective.

#1 “Take Lukewarm Showers”

Showers that are too hot will strip your hair of all its natural oils, whilst showers that are too cold will constrict the natural blood flow to your scalp, preventing your hair from receiving the right nutrients. So as with most things in life, try to find yourself a happy medium and take a lukewarm shower!

#2 “Go Sulphate-Free”

Try to avoid using shampoos which include compounds called sulphates. Sulphates take all the natural oils out of your hair, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Shampoos without sulphates, however, will naturally cleanse and strengthen your hair. So, a great way to keep your hair looking fresh is to find yourself a shampoo that’s sulphate-free.

#3 “Shampoo Less, Condition More”

Don’t shampoo (even if it’s sulphate-free) every time you take a shower, as this will still take the natural oils out of your hair more quickly. We recommend that you shampoo your hair two-three times a week and just rinse your hair with lukewarm water the rest of the time. With conditioner, on the other hand, we recommend you use it daily. Conditioner moisturises and protects the hair, keeping it happy in between cuts.

#4 “Go Easy on the Heat”

Where possible, allow your hair to dry naturally. But as we know blow drying is great for extra volume and directing your hair the way you want it, so if using a dryer set it to ‘cool’ mode as heat equals frizz and damage. By using cooler temperatures to dry your hair, you’ll be keeping the hair in good condition for longer.

#5 “Be Gentle with your Hair”

When stepping out of the shower you’re probably used to grabbing a towel to scrub away the water and roughly dry your hair. Although convenient, wet hair is more vulnerable and so this technique could be causing breakage and damage. Instead, use a softer touch to gently pat your hair dry. Handle with care!